Teaching at MPI Leipzig 2022/23

IMPRS Ringvorlesung Multimarginal Optimal Transport and Applications, MPI MiS Leipzig (course website at MPI MiS)

Teaching at Leipzig University 2022

  • Calculus of Variations
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Statistical Mechanics of Disordered Spin Systems and Spin Glasses

Teaching at LMU Munich 2021/22

Please see my website at LMU Munich for details.

  • Lecture Mathematics III for Physicists, LMU München (see my website at LMU Munich for details)
  • Reading Seminar Optimal transport and applications
  • Lecture Ordinary Differential Equations, LMU München 

Past teaching activities


  • In winter 2019/2020 I held the second part of the lecture Mathematics 3 for Physicists at Universität Leipzig. 
  • In summer 2018 I taught a course on Mathematical Topics in Kinetic Theory at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Exercise classes

In the past few years I have also been involved in organising and teaching exercise classes for several lectures:

  • Gradient flows (at MPI MiS)
  • Higher Mathematics I – III for Physicists, and for Electrical and Information Engineers (at KIT)
  • Analysis III for Mathematicians (measure and integration theory, transformation of the Lebesgue integral, vector calculus, Stokes’ and Gauß’s theorems) (at KIT)
  • Theory of Distributions (at KIT)